Is the training program free?

Yes, the training program is completely free. You can use the provided coupon code to avail a 100% discount for the entire 9-course package.

What happens after i complete the 9 courses?

After you complete all the courses, even if you failed some. You need to Submit Your Details For The Competition in order to officially join it. You will find the submit button on the top of your dashboard.

What happens if I fail a course?

Failing a course does not disqualify you from the program. However, to be eligible for the competition, you must complete all 9 courses.

Should I complete all the 9 courses?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you complete all 9 courses to be eligible for the competition. Each course contributes to your overall learning experience and success in the program.

How many attempts do I have for each exam?

You are allowed two attempts for each exam within the 9-course program.

What is the passing grade?

The passing grade for each exam is set at 60%.

Do I receive a certificate of completion for each course, and when is it issued?

Yes, upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a certificate instantly. As soon as you finish the final assessment with a passing grade, the system will generate and issue your certificate of completion. You can download or print the certificate from your dashboard to showcase your achievement.

Who should i contact for technical assistance?

if you face any website issues, please contact our WhatsApp Help Desk at +1 (719) 387-7700